Here is what we got to say & what everyone is saying about us.


Here is what we got to say & what everyone is saying about us.

In 2014 – 2015, Fred worked with the U.S. Olympic team athletes in Lake Placid, NY and Colorado Springs, CO.

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I’ve been visiting RolfPros for several months and the results are phenomenal. I suffer from early arthritis in one of my knees and originally tried Rolfing® out of desperation. Nothing else helped enough to ease the pain. Whereas chiropractic care and physical therapy seemed to myopically focus on the symptom, RolfPros was able to address the root cause (my hips were out of alignment, putting unnecessary pressure on my knees). Although I didn’t feel completely pain free until after competing the RolfPros Recover Right Program, I noticed immediate relief after my first session. Fred Nehring is very good at identifying the issue and tailoring his approach and focus based on what he sees at any given session. In other words, it’s the only thing I’ve tried that is tailored to my specific ailment, versus trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. As a side benefit, I noticed how much my feet and back were also hurting until I saw how much RolfPros helped with those ailment as well. I highly recommend RolfPros to anyone experiencing chronic pain, injury, or just wants something even more.

Eric Kimberling

Lone Tree, CO

I am a 24 year old college student and athlete. Working with Fred Nehring at RolfPros has been a positive experience for me. He has helped to revert my body from its old pattern of being relatively crooked and unbalanced and has successfully realigned my hips and upper body through his RolfPros Recover Right Program. I am a runner, and I can surely say that not only do I feel better and more balanced when I run, but my performance and endurance has been enhanced because I no longer pronate on my right foot (as I have for years) and I also find breathing to come much easier. Overall my body works much more efficiently than it did before working with him; it is like night and day to me. Fred is very personable and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Emily Jones

Castle Rock, CO

I was new to the concept of Rolfing® & laser therapy when it was recommended to me by a friend. Having played college football and sand volleyball for years, I had multiple injuries that led to my body developing several compensatory mechanisms. Particularly in my knees, ankles and shoulders. Fred has helped me greatly by correcting my misalignments & imbalances through his Recover Right Program. My body moves better in my athletic endeavors and my daily life. Importantly, Fred demonstrates agenuine concern & commitment to excellence that I don’t experience with other healthcare providers and treatments I engaged for these issues – like PT, Orthopedic professionals, dry needling, etc.

Matt Akromis

Aurora, CO

I have suffered from left shoulder and hip pain since I was a kid.  from being born with displasia, sports, a fall on the ice, as well as neck pain from a car accident when I was a teen. I sought out RolfPros Recover Right Progam after trying everything from physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc. Working with Fred Nehring has made a big difference in how my body feels and in the way I move in my body in my daily life. He has been able to restore my range of motion in my neck and improve mobility with my left shoulder by releasing constructive connective tissue. I have movement in my neck and my hip that I have not had in years. Fred is extremely professional and his attentiveness to my well being is greatly appreciated. He has taught me that once my body is structurally integrated the body can begin to heal itself. Thank you, Fred!

Tessa Dormann Hood

Castle Pines, CO

Having had a knee injury and back issues, & being a small business owner of Roof Brokers Inc since 1992, my body has seen its share of aches & pain. Fred Nehring of RolfPros was recommended to me by my chiropractor. His treatment protocol is unique as it addresses imbalance within the body. His LiteCure LightForce® Pro laser therapy has helped me tremendously with greater function, mobility, and stability with my knee and back. Since I started Rolfing®, I have gone from going to the chiropractor 2-4 times per week, to going 6-10 times per year. I would highly him to anyone seeking a greater level of physical ability.

Jim Carpenter

Aurora, CO

I contacted Fred Nehring at RolfPros after a recommendation from my massage therapist. After months of deep tissue massage, the pain and knots in my upper back, shoulders and elbow just would not respond long term. I had significant knee pain and would struggle to go up and down stairs at age 39. One orthopedist suggested scraping my knees and the other said nothing was wrong with me. It would take me days to recover from an intense day of downhill skiing. I am very athletic and enjoy quite a variety of sports but had started feeling like I couldn’t recover. I had also been nursing a reoccurring injury in my elbow that would flair up with too much typing on the computer, lifting luggage on business trips or just at the start of golf season. I had given up on any sport that involved follow through with the arm. I decided that Rolfing® with Fred Nehring would be my best option after seeing my massage therapist, acupuncturist, natural path and orthopedist. I have seen amazing changes. My posture has improved drastically, my knee pain has subsided, I am recovering much more quickly after workouts and have stopped complaining about my elbow. The best result is I noticed in my stamina and flexibility a day or two after a Rolfing® session . As an added bonus, my family reports I am much more relaxed. Fred communicates wonderfully and makes you feel very comfortable . I recommend Rolfing® to everyone I know.

Cheris Frailey

Highlands Ranch, CO

I’ve been going to Fred at RolfPros for about two years. I workout 5 to 6 days a week doing Pilates walking, weight training and aerobic exercise and thanks for Fred & his Recover Right Program he keeps my body “structured” to ensure I can keep my active workout schedule. He was able to successful identify and release my problem back area to allow me full left side mobility which I had been struggling to resolve for years – just amazing, I couldn’t believe it. Fred goes over and beyond to ensure you feel your best at all times by asking how I feel when he see me at prior to a Pilates class, txt, email etc. If I need his Rolfing® & expertise supporting he is always there. Thanks, Fred for all you have done for me over the years.

Nancy Carpenter

Lon Tree, CO

I received a free session with Fred at RolfPros after I had won a gift basket at a charity event. I really had never considered going to a Rolfer™ before as I already got massages on a monthly basis. I took advantage of the opportunity and went in and listed my only health concern vas maybe back tension. I was completely shocked to learn how dysfunctional my body had really become. I think over the years I got used to unevenness of my posture and it was so subtle a change over time I really didn’t notice until Fred pointed out and started readjusting me. After one session my body was already functioning significantly better. I THOUGHT massage was helping me but although they felt wonderful, the benefit only lasted for about 24 hours. I completed the Rolfing® 10-series through his Recover Right Program and my body feels much more capable than it did before. My pigeon toe on my left foot had straightened because he had isolated the root cause – or “pattern which had been manifesting itself in other distortions in my body but now I am much more aware of how I move and how that can affect my health and wellbeing. Yes, Rolfing® and his method of working can be “weird” at first but I highly suggest at least one session and have him point out your unique issues. You will probably be shocked too!

Diane Bischcoff

Littleton, CO