Laser Treatment for Pain Relief

How does Rolfing® differ From Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy? and what is RolfPros Recover Right, Perform Better Program?

To sum it up I like to use the following quote:

I don’t care about being better than the competition; I care about being different than the competition

Steve Jobs

And different we are. There are many differences on the pain management treatment subject. It depends on where you studied your profession and how long you chased pain.

How is Rofling® different from a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, or Massage Therapist?

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer® with just over 10 years of experience. I don’t snap, crackle, and pop your back, although your joints may voluntarily go back into place as the nerves in the connective tissue release.

I’m not interested in using a table with rollers, cold or hot packs, deep tissue bodywork, infrared, electro-stimulation, taking anti-inflammatories, injecting cortisone, steroids, or surgery. 

Simply put, the pain you feel is NOT the origin of the difficulty. The human physique works to balance and adjust simultaneously. The pain you are experiencing means that an entire series of dysfunctions are being placed on your body which is no longer bearable. 

 Here’s A Simple Example

Of low back pain often may result from one of your innominate bones becoming stuck with the sacrum, which could be causing your neck pain. The inaccurate neck position results from your asymmetrical (lopsided) pelvis’s weight. This shifted position in your low back leads to the feeling that one shoulder is superior (higher) than the other, thus pulling on the neck. If you allow this pattern to continue long enough, the neck pain progresses, telling you something is wrong.

Until you address the body’s lower asymmetry in relation to the neck, you will continue to suffer.

How Does RolfPros Recover Right Perform Better Program Work?

RolfPros’ Recover Right Perform Better sessions are geared toward making specific changes to achieve larger goals for the body and require the mind/body to actively get involved in each session.

Over the last ten years, I have concluded that no one has all the answers. In my opinion, I feel the source of chronic pain is the chronic dysfunctional strain patterns in the body.

Unlike joint manipulation, treating a specific area injured or chronic pain, or relaxation of muscle tissue, RolfPros Recover Right, Perform Better Program is a systematic approach to problems in the body, NOT just a technique or modality. We focus on the human body as a whole as it should work as a whole. 

Our purpose is to find the cause, explain the source, determine effective treatment, and have you prevent it from happening again. It’s why I start with an FMS™ Screen to identify limitations and imbalances in mobility, stability, and functional movements. FMS™ gives us an accurate snapshot of each patient’s concern to address area of movement deficiencies. It provides us with a platform to work and retest. 

These screening sessions are always FREE with us, why not schedule one with us now?

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Want to increase mobility, stability, and functionality while reducing pain and stimulating your performance? 

We also blend in SFMA™ (Select Functional Movement Assessment by FMS™), a full-body movement 10 item assessment used to identify individuals’ musculoskeletal (MSK) dysfunction before starting any treatment session before I incorporate Rolfing® (a form of hands-on soft tissue systematical manipulation and movement education that reorganizes the fascia to release, realign and balance the whole body).

If appropriate, I use Litecure Laser Therapy to reduce pain & inflammation thru a process called photobiomodulation which actively reduces inflammation and repairs damaged tissue which accelerates the recovery process. And RockTape™whcih micro-scopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect that improves blood flow, which can help reduce pain, drain swelling, improve posture, function, and performance. 

Once pain is relieved, it’s time to get moving well.  So your movements are efficient and powerful.  I do that through SFMA™ neuro-therapeutic corrective exercise sessions.  It’s a baseline for performance to establish more stability, mobility, and functional movement.

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