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We do one thing & one thing only. We take broken bodies and put them back together one piece at a time.

We want you to recover right & perform better.

Benefits of our program include shortened injury recovery, more precise movement, correction of neuro-musculo-skeletal imbalances,increased vitality, and relief from chronic pain.

Rolfing® is not a massage, chiropractic adjustment, strength training, or specific technique per say. Rolfing® is an APPROACH to dealing with alignment and organization of the body by manipulation of the connective tissue or what we call (fascia) in a way that the entire body is aligned.

Even after an injury heals, the fascia stays in that rigid position, often causing chronic pain and discomfort. Rolfing® is a form of soft tissue manipulation that stretches and opens the fascia, correcting misalignment and restoring balance.

At RolfPros, we invite you to discover our Recover Right Program to see if we can help you live a healthier, balanced, and pain-free life. So rather than guess what we do, we believe you should assess what we do. Learn how you can take control of your health today with our FREE 30 min interview by just clicking on a convenient date and time within the calendar.

We’ll evaluate and identify your limitations, imbalances, and improvements with our FMS™ screening tools. Then we’ll address your issue with some manual therapy, aka Rolfing®. Rolfing® is an approach to dealing with alignment and organization of the body, especially the nervous system, by manipulating the connective tissue, aka fascia are aligned. It will allow you to see if you are a good fit for our Recover Right Program.

RolfPros Recover Right Program treatment protocol is unique. We like to know things like:

  • When and how did your problem begin?
  • What makes it better or even worse?
  • How often does it recur?
  • How did you move before your injury?
  • How long has the problem occur?

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