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What is the RolfPros Recover Right program?

Whether you suffer from a sports injury, on-the-job chronic pain, or an unfortunate accident, RolfPros gets you from your pain to performing better. Each client is treated our unique treatment protocol “Recover Right.” We start out with an evaluation session that includes an FMS™ Test to identify your limitations and imbalances, followed by a Rolfing® session to correct the fascia misalignment, LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) inside the cell, providing immediate relief fro myofascial pain symptoms, inflammation, and joint disorders, and RockTape™ kinesiology taping to correct the dysfunctional pattern. This session gives you the opportunity to see if you are a good fit for our treatment protocol. Cost is $95.00

After that, we move you into our RolfPros four (4) pack sessions which we do require. It’s the first stage of our Recover Right Program consisting of (4) four session of Rolfing® a systematic soft tissue manipulation focuses on the role of the body’s fascia system by correcting the misalignment, LiteCure LightForce® Pro Therapy Laser which strengthen damage tissue by stimulating ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) inside the cell, and RockTape™ which is designed to manage chronic pain and accelerate performance. Followed by a FMS™ Test to determine improvement from limitations or problems in movement patterns. Cost is $500.00.

After our (4) four sessions you and Fred will determine what is right for you in your treatment protocol. Our goal is for you to recover right and perform better usually by maintaining once a month. Cost is $135.00

What is Fascia or Connective Tissue?

Fascia aka Connective Tissue wraps muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, arteries, viens, nerves, organs, and bones, supporting and holding them in place.

What is the Rolfing® 10 series?

The Rolfing® Ten-Series is the standard, proven recipe of success for Rolfing®. It was founded by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. The goal of the series is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten Rolfing sessions. We start by applying these five principles: Adaptability = How open is the client to change? Support = Is there an adequate amount of durability and function for the client? Palintonicity = Can opposing forces in the body come together as one? Closure = Can a client change his/her movement qualities and posture in his/her day-to-day life? Wholism = Is there a consistent flow and link to all parts of the body and mind?

Each session begins and ends with a structural analysis that assesses the client’s posture, patterns of behavior, movement, and range of motion (ROM). It allows the client to feel the degree of change during the Rolfing® Ten-Series. Sessions 1-3: This series is often referred to as the sleeve sessions with a purpose to balance the surface connective tissue layers in the body. Session 1 opens up breath and prepares the body for change. Session 2 focuses on balance and stability of the lower legs. Session 3 allows the body to have front to back balance and length, preparing the body for the upcoming core work. Sessions 4-7 examines the relationship from the feet to the head via the mid-line. Session 4 is about providing support from the feet to the pelvis. Session 5 deals with the connective tissue in the front of the lumbar spine. Session 6 is about opening up the posterior side of the body specifically in the sacrum and external rotators. Session 7 focuses on the head and prepares the body for integration. Sessions 8-10, the integration sessions, this series is where it all comes together. Is it the upper body that needs to integrate with the lower body or vice versa? It really depends on the needs of the client. If session 8 is an upper torso session then session 9 is a lower. The key focus is to obtain symmetry and order in the entire body. Session 10 closes out the process and provides completion of the Rolfing® Ten-Series. This session addresses the whole body and the end of old patterns.

Who will perform my RolfPros sessions?
Fred Nehring, Certified Advanced Rolfer® HHP. All Certified Rolfers™ and Certified Advanced Rolfers® must have completed their in-depth training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute™ (DIRI) formerly Rolf Institute™ for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. It is the only place in the world where you can get certified in Rolfing®. Verify Fred or anyone claiming to be a Certified Rolfer® or Certified Advanced Rolfer® at https://mms.rolf.org/members/directory/search_rolf_VAR.php
Does FMS™ Test, Rolfing®, LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy, or RockTape™ Hurt?

Absolutely NEVER with RolfPros! As the fascia aka connective tissue is being released, you may experience a variety of sensations ranging from pleasant to uncomfortable but never painful. We simply don’t believe in pushing through the pain.

What should I wear to your session?

Imagine the session like you are visiting a doctor for a checkup. We want you to feel comfortable. Most females wear a sports bra and shorts, a two-piece swimsuit, or bra and underwear. Most males wear gym shorts, biking shorts, or underwear. These types of clothes make it easier to turn you from supine (which is face up), prone (which is face down), and side-lying position on the therapeutic table as well as movement and structural analysis.

How long will your session last? How much does it cost? Do you take insurance?

The average session lasts approximately 55-75 minutes. We start out with an evaluation session that allows you to see if you’re a good fit for our Recover Right Program. Cost is $95.00

After that, we move you into our RolfPros four (4) pack meaning four (4) sessions which we do require. It’s the first stage of our Recover Right Program This allows for adequate time to address your body’s complicated network and your posture habits and induce new changes. Then we re-test with FMS™ to see if there is improvement before continuing on with stages two (2) and three (3) of the Recover Right Program.

Cost is $500.00 for (4) sessions unless offset by Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and American Speciality Health insurance which we do take. All sessions include Rolfing®, LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy, and RockTape™ as applicable.

How does Anthemm, Cigna, Aetna and ASHN Insurance work?

RolfPros currently accepts Colorado Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO, PPO, and POS and American Specialty Health insurances. Verify RolfPro’s credentials here: Colorado Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and American Specialty Health. Unfortunately, RolfPros does not accept other medical insurance plans at this time. You will be required to pay a $95.00 fee out of pocket for our evaluation session, we’ll take care of the rest in getting your benefits approved.

Coverage Specifics: Please note that our services are typically considered manual or massage therapy as most insurance companies do not understand FMS™ Test, Rolfing®, Lite Cure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy, and RockTape™. RolfPros will handle the billing intricacies, ensuring you receive the  Services you need and the insurance coverage you are entitled to.
Colorado Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield: You are allowed 20 visits per calendar year for our services. Not all Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield policies are the same. It depends on how and where your policy was purchased (i.e. through an employer). Some policies do cover manual or massage therapy for 20 visits, while some policies only cover massage therapy if performed by a licensed medical physician, chiropractor, or physical therapist. In the latter cases, RolfPros is not credentialed to perform the benefit. If for some reason your policy benefit is denied, you will be billed for our services at our full rate.
American Specialty Health: Under the American Specialty Health plan, you are allowed 10 visits per calendar year for our services. American Specialty Health covers our services without issue.
Colorado Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and American Speciality Health Insurance will only cover manual therapy (CPT 97140) or massage therapy (CPT 97124) NOT LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy, RockTape™ or Wu Yang Brand. Should you need those services as part of your treatment the added cost will be $35.00.
Cigna & Aetna Provider Discounts
RolfPros is a member of the Cigna/Aetna Healthyroads Mind/Body Program.
• All Cigna and Aetna patients receive a 20% discount off of our standard $135.00. All you need to do is show your ID card at the time of our session. No claims need to be filed nor is there an approval process.
What You Need to Do to Receive Coverage
• Bring in your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield or American Specialty Health insurance card to your first visit.
• RolfPros will verify your benefits after our initial evaluation session and inform you of your coverage and your out-of-pocket expenses since
insurance policies and co-pays differ. All evaluation sessions are an out-of-pocket expense for every new patient/client. Cost is $95.00
Receipts for Reimbursement
Unfortunately, RolfPros does not accept other medical insurance plans at this time. However, we can provide you with a receipt, which you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. We encourage you to call your insurance provider and check if the following CPT codes are covered: 97140 (manual therapy), 97112 (neuromuscular re-education), 97124 (massage therapy), 97110 (therapeutic exercise ROM) or 97530 (therapeutic activities). Most cover it with a doctor’s prescription. RolfPros can assist you with the verification process.

Does Anthem, Cigna, Aetna or ASHN Insurance Cover LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy or RockTape™?

No, Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, and American Speciality Health Insurance will only cover manual or massage therapy, NOT LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy or RockTape™. Should you need those services as part of your treatment, the added cost will be $35.00 for LiteCure LightForce® Pro Laser Therapy or RockTape™.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, or credit card. Payments are required at the end of each session. RolfPros policy for all four (4) sessions or is a deposit of half amount of the package down with the remaining balance due after each session. 

Are there any medical conditions that would make RolfPros Recover Right Program contraindicated?

Yes, that’s why it’s imperative that you fill out the intake form before we begin. It is very important that you inform us of any health problems or medications you are taking. We may require a recommendation or approval from your doctor prior to any session.

Why won't my pain issue heal after one session?

It can be complicated when dealing with a local fixation of pain in the body. Because of your body’s complicated network and your postural habits, time is needed to induce new changes. This is why we recommend our RolfPros Recover Right Program over a 4 week period.

Can I perform any athletic training after my session?

No, because time is needed to induce the new sensory-motor changes. We ask that you wait 24 hours after a session to resuming your athletic training. It is important to schedule your session during your day off or during your off season.

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