I’ve been visiting RolfPros for several months, and the results are phenomenal. I suffer from early arthritis in one of my knees and initially tried Rolfing® out of desperation. Nothing else helped enough to ease the pain. Whereas chiropractic care and physical therapy seemed to focus on the symptom myopically, RolfPros was able to address the root cause (my hips were out of alignment, putting unnecessary pressure on my knees). Although I didn’t feel utterly pain-free until after competing Recover Right Program, I noticed immediate relief after my first session. Fred Nehring is very good at identifying the issue and tailoring his approach and focus based on what he sees at any session. In other words, it’s the only thing I’ve tried that is tailored to my specific ailment versus trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. As a side benefit, I noticed how much my feet and back were hurting until I saw how much Fred helped with those ailments. I highly recommend him to anyone experiencing chronic pain, injury, or who wants something even more.

Eric Kimberling

CEO / Founder, Third Stage Consulting Group