After winning a gift basket at a charity event, I received a free session with Fred at RolfPros. I never considered going before as I receive massages monthly. I took advantage of the opportunity and went in and listed my only health concern, back tension. I was shocked to learn how dysfunctional my body was. Over the years, I got used to the unevenness of my posture. I didn’t notice the subtle changes over time until Fred pointed it out and started readjusting me. After one session, my body was already functioning better. I thought massage was helping me, but although they felt wonderful, it only lasted about 24 hours. I completed the Recover Right Program, and my body feels much more capable. Not only have we addressed that pattern that had been manifesting in other distortions in my body, but now I am much more aware of how I move and how that can affect my health and well-being.

Diane Biscoff

Self Employed, Fox 31