I contacted Fred Nehring at RolfPros after a recommendation from my massage therapist. After months of deep tissue massage, the pain and knots in my upper back, shoulders, and elbow would not respond long-term. I had significant knee pain and would struggle to go up and down stairs at age 39. One orthopedist suggested scraping my knees, and the other said nothing was wrong with me. It would take me days to recover from an intense day of downhill skiing. I am very athletic and enjoy various sports, but I started feeling like I couldn’t recover. I had also been nursing a reoccurring injury in my elbow that would flair up with too much typing on the computer, lifting luggage on business trips, or just starting the golf season. I had given up on any sport involving following through with the arm. I decided that Fred Nehring would be my best option after seeing my massage therapist, acupuncturist, natural path, and orthopedist. I have seen amazing changes: My posture has improved drastically. My knee pain has subsided. I am recovering much more quickly after workouts and have stopped complaining about my elbow. I noticed the best result in my stamina and flexibility a day or two after a Rolfing® session. As a bonus, my family reports I am much more relaxed. Fred communicates wonderfully and makes you feel very comfortable. I recommend his program to everyone I know.

Cherris Frailey

MA, CCC-SLP, U.S. Dept of Interior